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YouTube Content -- A Sample of Content Written, Filmed, Edited, and Optimized by me.

Electric Bike Review

Our bread and butter for quick channel growth. My reviews drove traffic to our website on a daily basis.

Bike Security Video

One of my top performing pieces of content. Still drives about 1,000 views per day to the Fly Rides Channel.

eBike Showdown

I developed these showdowns to improve SEO, feature multiple bikes, and gamify our videos in a way that would be fun for audiences.

Advertisements Written, Filmed, and Edited by me.

Fly Rides Brand Video

Fly Rides needed an easy way show prospective customers about their company. This video serves that purpose!

Peloton Spoof

This ad was designed to get people out of the gym and onto an electric bike.

Comedic Advertisement

This is a Black Friday ad preparing customers for the company's sales. It was written, directed, and edited by me.

Severance: Pilot Episode Trailer

Severance is an indie pilot I wrote and produced. The trailer above was edited by me.

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