Scott Nickley

Actor. Writer.

Who do you think you are?

Great question. Hopefully someone can help me out with this one day. But for now here's what I've figured out. I love acting. I've taken enough breaks from it and done enough digging through my psyche to know that. In college, I took some time off from acting and became a medic. I loved working in the medical field. The mix of nonstop action and then sometimes complete and utter boredom all while trying to pretend like seeing really messed up shit didn't have any effect on your brain made me realize that I like dealing with emotions, so I parted ways with my medical career and dove back into acting. I spent some time in San Diego doing some shows at various regional houses and hoofing my way through a musical or six before I landed a La Jolla Playhouse show. That was a really incredible experience for me and helped to see that I really loved doing comedy. So, that's what I'm doing now: acting when any of you threshold guardians will let me, and also making my own stuff (try and stop me, credit card debt!). I do comedy almost nightly at this point and really, truly love every minute of it. Even those existential crisis moments that come more and more frequently as I approach my 30s. 

Why do you feel like you can act well?

Because people have told me that I can and I guess I just have to take their word for it. I'm pretty picky with my training. I like honest feedback which seems to be surprisingly hard to come by. But I've found some great studios in Los Angeles and am happy to take advantage of any free workshops anybody would like to recommend.

We're all so interested in your personal life. Please tell us about it.

Well, okay, if you insist. Most of my days involve writing, running, cycling, and kvetching with friends. I'm either outside doing active stuff deep, deep in the woods or in a coffee shop working. Or waiting for someone to fix my utilities at my apartment for the fifth time in a month. God, I love the glamor of being an actor. 


So it says you're a writer...?

This is true. I've written and produced one whole pilot! But I've also written a ton of other stuff. Currently I've got an animated feature about bunnies that also deals with loss, struggling with who you really are, and questioning what you've always thought to be true (if anybody wants to set up a meeting with the mouse, you're welcome to). I've also got a pilot about my time working as a 19 year old medic in a rural town. There's a lot of drinking, debauchery, and lifesaving that goes on in that and it also deals with the same things as the bunny script. Sensing a theme here? I like coming of age stuff! And I've got a few shorts in the works as well. Contact me for writing samples!

Did you come up with these fake interview questions out of a sense of self importance, to make it seem like someone actually interviewed you for this, or because writing a traditional bio felt trite and hack?